Wing Foil Courses in Sardinia

Would you like to learn a new sport? Wing Foil is the new magic sport of the moment, a new ideac between windsurfing and kitesurfing! With an inflatable wing and a foil board, you can experience flying on water even in very low wind conditions.

Wing Foil Course in Sardinia: What you will learn

We have different Wing Foil courses. The difference between the different Wing Foil courses is the lenght. If you just would like to try the wing, you could do the basic course of one day. If you would like to learn more steps, you have to chose a longer Wing Foil couse (2 or more days). .

Here below the main steps you of the Wing Foil course:

Wing Foil course – 1 day (3 hours)

  • you will start by learning how to handle the wing on the beach.
  • you will start practicing how to handle the wing standing on a stable board.

Wing Foil course – 2 day (3 hours)

  • you will continue practicing how to handle the wing standing on a stable board.
  • you will handle the wing in order to learn how to ride in any directions.

Wing Foil course – 3 day (2 hours)

  • you will start to learn how to use the hydrofoil board, that will allow you to fly above water, being pulled with a boat (you will do wake foil). In this step you will learn to have balance on this board and how to lift the foil board out of the water.

Wing Foil course – 4 day (3 hours)

  • After the above steps, you will combine the wing and the foil board, learning to ride above the water like a butterfly.

Wing Foil course – 5 day (3 hours)

  • More foil and wing riding (3 hours)
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