Prices of the Wing Foil courses

In this page you can find the list of our wing foil courses with the prices.

Notes for Wing Foil courses

  • We offer the Wing Foil courses in Punta Trettu, Cagliari and Villasimius
  • Equipment included: all the equipment needed for the wing foil courses (e.g. wing, board, wetsuit, impact jacket, radio helmet, etc) is included in the price of the WIng Foil course.
  • COVID19: in the event that, due to problems related to the Covid19 pandemic (e.g. lock-down, canceled flights) refund will be 100%. Each person will have their own wetsuit and will not share it with any other student.

Main FAQs

Where do the Wing Foil courses take place?

Depending on the blowing wind, usually our kite courses could be taken in:

How the Wing Foil courses are organized? What time do the Wing Foil courses start?

To understand how the wing foil courses are organized and managed, you can have a look here.

Do I need to book in advance?

We strongly recommend you to book in advance. By booking at the last moment, you risk not finding available instructors and not being able to take the Wing Foil course.

How to book the Wing Foil course?

If you like to come in Sardinia for learning and/or enjoy wing foil with us, we are proud of that!! To proceed with the booking, you have to follow the instructions at our booking page.

Prices of the Wing Foil courses

Prices are per person

DescriptionSession DurationCourse DurationCourse Price (1 person)Course Price (2 people)Course Price (3 people)
Wing foil course – 1 day3 hours3 hours210 euro195 euro180 euro
Wing foil course – 2 days3 hours6 hours390 euro360 euro330 euro
Wing foil course – 3 days2 hours8 hours510 euro430 euro380 euro
Wing foil course – 4 days3 hours11 hours675 euro580 euro530 euro
Wing foil course – 5 days3 hours14 hours840 euro730 euro680 euro

More questions?

For information, questions about our services or for reservations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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